The aggregate length of defrosting of the fridge old model – around 6 hours, which can be diminished by knowing a few traps.

All coolers require every once in a while to defrost. The defrosting of the icebox long. How might you accelerate the way toward defrosting the cooler?

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present day iceboxes enable you to rearrange this procedure, be that as it may, they are as yet not all that simple, educates UkrMedia.

What you have to recall, working with an old or new instrument? Shouldn’t something be said about when you require crisis defrost?

Standards defrost cooler old model

Iceboxes old model was furnished with a trickle framework, which does not block the presence of ice, so even with cautious utilize, a cooler immediately secured with ice, which sooner or later they stuck in

the entryway, making it difficult to open them.

Defrosting following multi month or two was obligatory. Today, this model and the cooling framework can be found even in some cutting edge iceboxes, so their glad proprietors need to see how is the method of

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To start with, unplug the ice chest from the mains, expelling the attachment and hanging it (don’t put on the floor!).

Second, when you have to deal with the items that have been stacked into the camera. On the off chance that there is a second cooler, it is smarter to move them there to keep away from the temperature

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variances. In the event that not, you can move them on the base rack of the icebox. In winter you can make it to the overhang.

The multifaceted nature regularly lies absolutely at this stage, since not all accessible transport items in such conditions. You can abandon them in the kitchen, however then you need to desperately figure

how to rapidly defrost the old ice chest, to solidified vegetables, foods grown from the ground completed items not in time razmorozili. In particular, don’t leave sustenance on the stove and different

apparatuses that deliver warm. At standard temperature (18-22 degrees) the items can stay for 1-2 hours, amid which You will spend defrosting.

In the event that it so happened that the items to clean anyplace, however they have to keep from softening, wrap the bits of meat with cellophane, overlay between the substance of the cooler: the meat is

defrosted gradually, so the following couple of hours to stress isn’t vital.

Open the chamber entryway totally and, if vital, back them, not to avert programmed shutting. In the event that inside there are boxes they have to pull/evacuate. At the point when a thick layer of ice to

influence it to succeed simply after the best layer of ice will defrost.

put under the cooler thick fabric and put the skillet, which will be gathered meltwater. The majority of the old models, it comes finish with a fridge, another regularly denied of it. Each half hour the

plate should change, and a cloth to crush.

As softening pieces of ice can be evacuated with a wooden spatula. Sharp metal items ought to be maintained a strategic distance from in light of the fact that You can harm the covering of the dividers.

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After the camera is achishena totally ice, swipe standard wet cleaning: hose a material in warm water and wring them out (it ought not trickle), wipe dividers, including the back. The compartments and the

entryway can be washed, yet before returning in the camera, they should be completely dried. In the event that there are clear defilement in the fridge, they can wipe out the heating soft drink.

To turn the ice chest on to the system just once inside it will be dry, and You fill the chamber with items.

The aggregate span of defrosting of the fridge old model – around 6 hours, which can be diminished by knowing a few traps. Be that as it may, if this system is customary, it stops to be so tedious.



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